Bahá’ís of Skagit, San Juan and Island Counties
San Juan, Skagit and
Island Counties WA-12
map of three clusters

Cluster Reflection Gathering

In a message to the Bahá’ís of the world the Universal House of Justice said:

Meetings of consultation held at the cluster level serve to raise awareness of possibilities and generate enthusiasm. Here, free from the demands of formal decision-making, participants reflect on experience gained, share insights, explore approaches and acquire a better understanding of how each can contribute to achieving the aim of the Plan. In many cases, such interaction leads to consensus on a set of short-term goals, both individual and collective.
Message dated 17 January 2003

In another message to the Bahá’ís of the world the Universal House of Justice said:

As the above passage suggests, the reflection meeting at the cluster level serves a twofold purpose. Not only does it provide a means for mobilizing the believers, but it also contributes greatly to the planning process. This is true whether the cluster is in an early stage of development or whether it has reached an advanced stage, in which cycles of activities are carried out as part of an intensive program of growth:

… the meetings of reflection called at various intervals during the cycles should serve to reinforce an attitude of learning among the participants in the program so that any fear of failure or criticism gives way to the joy of earnest striving.
Letter dated 18 August 2005